Poetry Meets Artificial Intelligence

Poetry has a long standing tradition of encouraging readers to make connections to real world experiences and emotions. While many implicitly associate poetry with topics such as love and nature, Dr. Ramya Srinivasan utilizes her writing skills to touch on a topic one rarely sees in poetry: artificial intelligence (AI).

Dr. Ramya Srinivasan is an AI researcher working in an industrial research and design lab. Ramya’s background is in the areas of machine learning,  computer vision,  explainable AI, and AI ethics.  

In her spare time, Ramya likes to dabble with poetry writing for children, in particular she likes to write on AI related topics. She believes poetry offers a fun and accessible means to convey complex concepts to toddlers who are beginning to explore the AI world.

One of her poems related to AI was recently featured in the AI and ME children’s book. Ramya is excited about AI education for K12, and hopes kids from all backgrounds enjoy learning about AI!